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Götterdämerung Hallé, Sir Mark Elder Gramophone Award 2010 Opera Category Production and Engineering – Steve Portnoi
"The recording quality plays to, or has used, the hall and the performance well, accommodating the large full chorus. There is a goodly space around the orchestra, the singers and important solos never sounding artificially engineered. Off- or near-stage perspectives are convincingly realised."
Mike Ashman – Gramophone

"And let's hope engineer Steve Portnoi gets lots more work on the basis of this recorded sound. Balances give the Hallé glorious depth, a sense of 'air' and hall, with voices clear and slightly forward, as Wagner intended."
David Harbin – Musicweb International

Wigmore Hall Live Elias Quartet Mendelssohn Mozart Schubert
BBC Newcomer Award 2010 Engineering Steve Portnoi.
"The recording is ideally balanced for a string quartet"
Paul Driver – Times

Wigmore Hall Live Theatre of the Ayre Venus and Adonis
Engineering Steve Portnoi
"This is a sylish performance, beautifully recorded"
Richard Lawrence - Classic FM magazine

The Kingdom - Hallé, Sir Mark Elder Production and engineering Steve Portnoi
"I'm certainly very impressed indeed by this new Elgar recording. It seems to me to present a nicely truthful concert hall balance. The soloists are given a properly prominent position in the aural picture without one feeling that they're artificially close. The choir, though behind the orchestra is reported with presence while the orchestra is in excellent balance with both the choir and the soloists, allowing one to appreciate their superb playing without feeling that the orchestra is too dominant."
John Quinn - Musicweb International